Mission & Objectives

  • To encourage the professional development of its members through comprehensive programs and services;
  • To establish and maintain liaisons with other segments of the finance and insurance industries;
  • To provide mechanisms through which members and insurers can establish contacts for their mutual benefit;
  • To foster communications and promote technical cooperation between members;
  • To carry out promotional and educational activities;
  • To enhance the profile of surety and deposit bond business in the market;
  • To communicate and cooperate with other segments of the insurance and finance industries for the promotion and support of improvements in the business of surety bonding;
  • To develop and promote a broad spectrum of continuing educational services for all members;
  • To monitor, evaluate and, where applicable, develop positions on insurance, banking and any other applicable regulation or legislation affecting the Association and its members;
  • To raise money to further the aims of the Association and to secure sufficient funds for the purposes of the Association; and
  • To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the Association.

The Association provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, the promotion of surety and deposit bonds and the opportunity for networking. It is not intended that the Association regulate, accredit, endorse or bind the actions, products or businesses of its members in any way.